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SINCE 2006

Rakhawy Institute for Training and Research (RITR)

Founded by Dr. Mona Rakhawy with the aim of consolidating, following up, and expanding authentic psychotherapy and related therapeutic practices in Egypt and globally.

We Promote Efficiency

Rakhawy Institute provides training and conducts research in various fields to promote the efficiency of both specialists and non-specialists involved in mental health. We implement cultural activities, lead conferences, and organize events with the aim of raising community awareness of the culture of mental health at preventive as well as curative levels.

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Our History Revolves around Mental Health and Group Work

Our story begins in the late sixties from inside the corridors of the Faculty of Psychiatry at Cairo University, when Dr. Yehia Rakhawy began practicing individual and group psychotherapy.

About Us

Rakhawy Institute for Training and Research (RITR)

Our Services

Training & Research


The Training Unit develops and delivers training programs and courses in a variety of topics to sharpen the skills of specialists and further the knowledge of non-specialists involved in the field of mental health.
The programs include cultural activities and events that raise community awareness and promote the culture of mental health at both preventive and curative levels.


The Research Unit is responsible for assisting scientific research chosen by supervisors or by the institute. This process involves compiling data, critically analyzing information, and interpreting results, where the published research studies advance scholarly literature, support future research, and enhance decision-making.

We Are Open For Opportunities!

We provide a bunch of internships in different fields.


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Our Events

Our Latest Events

who are interested in using a phase-oriented approach to (Schema)Therapy.

Rakhawy Institute for Training and Research (RITR) ————————————————————- International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) —————————————————– Schema Therapy Institute East Switzerland (ISTOS) ——————————————————————- Online workshop ————————-

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Need Experienced Trainers and Researchers?

We can help Boost your Efficiency

Our accumulated experience in training and research for mental and non-mental health professionals and supervisors can reliably guide you to a much-advanced level of your knowledge, skills, and abilities.