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RHYTHMS OF INTERCONNECTION Groupness in Dance Movement Therap

Rakhawy Institute for Training and Research (RITR)
in collaboration with
Danzare le Origini Association – Rome
Qualified by FAC Certifica as Training provider for Dance Movement Therapy
Groupness in Dance Movement Therapy
Date:10 to 16 December 2021
Time: 10:00 am to 17:00 Pm
Language: The training will be delivered in English with Arabic translation
From Italy, Dmt Certified by FAC Certifica, CLMAs (Certified Laban Movement Analysts)
Vincenzo Bellia, director of the Dmt-ER® Training School in Rome, psychiatrist, teacher
of Group Analysis, author of eight books about Dmt and Community Psychiatry
Barbara Dragoni, educational coordinator of the Dmt-ER® Training School and director of
the Centre “Dmt AteliER” in Rome, educator and choreographer
Description of the workshop
The workshop is part of the 3-years professional training program in Dance Movement
Therapy (DMT), which requires a 1200-hours commitment, including workshops, theoretical
classes, exercise, practice and supervision.
This workshop will be focused on the DMT group methodology:
• Group foundation and management
• Group dynamics
• Transpersonal and interpersonal experience
• Rhythm as relational and psychophysical organizer
• Body dialogue techniques
Topics will be worked through
• Experiential sessions
• theoretical classes
• group work
• supervision sessions (only for the students attending the professional program)
People attending only this workshop can get an improvement in their personal experience
and their professional role. A technical qualification requires attending the complete program.
12-24 professionals or students in clinical, social, psychological, educational, artistic and/or
collateral disciplinary fields.
Trainees can be admitted up to the ratio of at least 5 square meters for participant.
The workshop will be conducted in English (basic comprehension and speaking required).
Practical sessions will be at barefoot. Comfortable and light clothing is recommended.
Depending on pandemic evolution, Green Pass or vaccination certificate or negative Covid
test in the last 48 hours will be requested. Body temperature could be checked.
Surgical or FFP2 mask is required during movement activities. Interpersonal distance of at
least 150 cm will be required to remove the mask during verbal activities.
The work room will be sanitized every evening at the end of the activity. During the activity,
natural air exchange will be guaranteed.
No entrance will be allowed after the start of each unit (late admission only during the break).
No previous specific study is required. The reference of the workshop is the book “A Body
among Other Bodies”, by Vincenzo Bellia (Catania, 2020, A&G Cuecm)
Participation Fees:
Early bird registration:
(Before the 14 of November2021)
6650 EGP
6150 EGP ( Group of 3)
Late registration:
(After the 14 of November 2021)
7150 EGP
6650 EGP (Group of 3)
Non Egyptian:
480 $
For registration, please submit your application through the following link:
Refund policy:
Before 14 days of the training, complete refund.
More than 5 days before the training, 50% refund.
Less than 3 days before the training, no refund is allowed.
For further information please contact:
Tel: 01141862249
Email: info@rakhawyinstitute.org


24 Streeet 18, Mokattam, Cairo, Egypt

Opening Hours:
Saturday : Thursday
(9:30 a.m – 3:30 p.m)

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