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Behind clinical cliche

Existential Crisis is usually a dead lock standpoint where paralysis, stagnation, dilemma are prevailing. This could be associated with fear and misconceptions. In extreme situations, it is like standing at a brink hole. Basic assumptions and meanings are exhausted and are failing to lead and support. The rudder is spoiled and the balance is lost. It is an impasse; the old structures are out of order since they prove to be failing to maintain the momentum in existence. It is a blind escape since it is towards the unknown.

At this point, there is a need to find a map to guide and accompany the person in crisis to safe ground.

The art of the therapist is to identify the needs and to outline a draft map for this guidance.

Knowing the person past and present in and out is crucial. It should be a dynamic process involving again and again probing and exploration. It is an open file that will need continuous reviews.

A roadmap from the book entitled “Epic Outlook on Egyptian Natural Instincts” by Professor Rakhawy is adopted to provide the landmark to follow.

This work involves vision for repetitive phenomena common to Egyptians culture and nature. The speech target the children as well as adults. Both later could co-exist. The preservation of the child in the adult is favoured.

The selection of the topics is unique and it is assumed to be tailored to Rakhawy clinical practice.

The list of probation involves nearly 30 items Namely life general, yearning, true human rights, growth and development, longing, success, need for appreciation, recognition, self-value, self-image , affect, fear, anger , guilt, thoughts, diversity, freedom, surprise, right tone sad and shyness people

The text is provided in open poetry Zagal.

Workshop Outline

In our reflective practice the topic discussed are inclusive but not exclusive.


Review of following concepts

Crisis; existentialism; therapy

Vision for Common experiential phenomena in Egyptian Culture

Insights and Reflection in Practice and Experience

Draft Road Map in Therapy

About the instructor

Dr. Yousreya Amin Selim A psychiatrist from the heart land of upper Egypt studied; originally she graduated in Kasr Al-Aini yet she trained in France and England; her credentials include a Master Degree and Medical Doctorate in Psychiatry and she is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists; she practiced psychiatry in different cultures; In addition to her medical education, she has a university degree in Philosophy. She contributed to several research studies and she authored books in English and in Arabic. She constantly contributed to teaching and training in Egypt and England and she speaks fluently three languages arabic English and French

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