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The First Certified Sociodrama Diploma in Egypt and North Africa

Rakhawy Institute for Training and Research(RITR) In collaboration with Uppsala Psychodrama Institute
The First Certified Sociodrama Diploma in Egypt and North Africa
Sociodrama is a creative action method that deals with issues on group level. It is an action participatory exploration based on groups/societal questions and a systems-oriented way of dealing with common issues. This course is a comprehensive training course in sociodrama that will be held along two years, beginning in November 2021.
The course will include work on the essence and the different practices of sociodrama. You will learn how to practice sociodrama, and how this approach is a key that can help the world at this very special transformative moment.
Date: 25th November to 28th November 2021
Time: 10:00 am to 17:00 pm
Format of studying:
Hybrid (Both online and offline in RITR H.Q, Mokattam, Cairo)*.
Eva Fahlstrom Borg, Sweden
Senior psychotherapist, international trainer and supervisor in psychodrama, sociodrama, bibliodrama, and improvised theatre. Founding member of FEPTO, IAGP board member and Chair of IAGP Trauma and Disaster Intervention Team. Eva was awarded by FEPTO for lifetime achievement.
Judih Teszary, Sweden
Director of Psychodrama and Group psychotherapy, certified at Moreno Institute, Beacon NY.
She is an international trainer and supervisor in psychodrama and sociodrama. Founding member of FEPTO, served as president of the organization in 6 years. Member of FEPTO Task Force for Peace Building and Conflict Transformation group, working in conflict areas.
Judith was awarded by FEPTO for lifetime achievement.
Mona Rakhawy,Egypt
Psychiatrist, psychotherapist and individual and group psychotherapy trainer and supervisor. She is professor of Psychiatry at Cairo University, chair of the board of trustees of RITR, co-founder and president of EAGT, chair of Biorhythmic Evolutionary Psychiatry section, AFP, and CAOA chair and board member, IAGP.
A 2-year Training Course (448 hrs):
Level A: First year “General” (7 modules, 32 hrs each)
Level B: Second year “Specified” (7 modules, 32 hrs each).
The diploma is certified from both Uppsala Psychodrama Institute (Sweden) and from Rakhawy Institute for Training and Research (RITR)
An Overview of the Program:
• Personal experience of sociodrama
• Theoretical background
• Practical techniques
• Assessment
The practical part will include:
• Practice within the training group
• Practice outside the training group
• Future projection will be practiced within the training group.
• Supervision
The following themes will be handled:
• Sociodrama: History, conceptualization and practical implications
• Planning sociodrama session
• Elements for practicing psychodrama in groups
• Sociodrama and imagination
• Sociodrama and cultural issues
• Sociodrama in organizations
• Sociodrama in education and training
• Sociodrama with families and children
• Sociodrama in the classroom
• Sociodrama in the mental health field
• Sociodrama for leadership development
• Sociodrama for role training and role development.
Theoretical Background:
• Role theory
• Systems theory
• Group dynamics
• Spontaneity-Creativity theory
• Networks theory
Some of the included techniques:
• Warming up
• Sociometry
• Role reversal
• Mirroring
• Doubling,
• Maximizing
• Scenario play
The assessment will be done according the following:
• Regular attendance
• Active participation in the different activities; each participant will present his own practice under supervision in the fields he is in charge.
• Supervision along the duration of training
• A final examination
• At the end of the course, each participant need final written thesis
For whom:
Individuals working in groups, including mental health professionals, psychologists, psychotherapists and psychodramatists, organizational consultants, teachers, social workers and group leaders.
The first workshop (module) is open for everyone then afterwards applying for the rest of the Diploma will start were the following will be needed:
• A short C.V including:
• Detailed information about previous training in psychotherapy: the training institute, time and duration (hours) of training and the therapeutic approach
• A motivation letter (writing about why do I wish to be trained in Sociodrama), including the context in which sociodrama would be applied.
• A filled application form (will be sent by RITR).
• An online personal interview.
For the safety of everyone, all attendees should present there Covid-19 vaccination document prior to the workshop or a at least a valid PCR test maximaly 48hrs prior to the workshop.
Arabic translation will be provided
Participation Fees for the first workshop(4 day)
From the 25th to 28 th of November
Early bird registration
( Before the 20th of November2021)
Individual : 220 (USD)
(for groups of (3) Per person : 200 (USD)
Non Egyptians:
( Before the 20th of November2021)
Individual :300 (USD)
(for groups of 3) Per person: 280 (USD)
Late registration:
( After the 20th of November2021)
Individual :250 (USD)
(for groups of 3): 220 (USD)
Non Egyptians:
( Before the 20th of November2021)
220 (USD):330 ( USD)
(for groups of 3): 300 (USD)
All course coust for Egyptian 2860 USD
For non Egyptian 3900 USD
1. 15% discount to pay the full amount one time
2. 7.5% Discount if you pay in two installments
3. 5% Discount if you pay in four installments
4. Without discount, if payment was made up to fifteen days before every workshop
5. Same offers for non-Egyptians
For further information please contact:
Tel: 01141862249
Email: info@rakhawyinstitute.org
For registration, please submit your application through the following link:
Reservation is confirmed only by payment and please note that number of participants is limited.


24 Streeet 18, Mokattam, Cairo, Egypt

Opening Hours:
Saturday : Thursday
(9:30 a.m – 3:30 p.m)

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