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The Training Unit develops and delivers training programs and courses in a variety of topics to sharpen the skills of specialists and further the knowledge of non-specialists involved in the field of mental health.
The programs include cultural activities and events that raise community awareness and promote the culture of mental health at both preventive and curative levels.

For Mental Health Professionals

Rakhawy Institute train and develop a new generation of mental health professionals and educators through its training courses and programs, offering theoretical framework, experiential learning, and invivo practice.

For the Public

Developed from the belief that mental health and wellbeing is for all, Rakhawy Institute offers training sessions and workshops for the Public to enhance individuals’ understanding, raise awareness, and broaden the knowledge of mental health.


Rakhawy Institute provides regular sessions of specialized supervision in psychotherapy, facilitation groups, and specialists in the field of psychotherapy.

Online Learning

Interactive and participatory online learning opportunities


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