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Body Effort Shape Space

The workshop will focus the main categories of the Laban / Bartenieff studies on movement, that are essential for all dance/movement therapists and dancers and very interesting for helping professions and for everyone interested in improving their own body awareness. The workshop will be led on through the relational approach of Dmt-ER®.

Practical sessions, theoretical classes, personal body work, group work Main contents:

  • Dynamics and shapes of bodies in a space of relationships
  • Body: whole-body connections, movement fundamentals, developmental patterns, body actions
  • Effort: movement quality factors (weight, space, time, flow), basic actions, states
  • Shape: still shapes, shape qualities, modes of shape change
  • Space: dimensions and planes of the kinesphere, icosahedron, space harmony, general space

The workshop meets the requirements for both Laban & Bartenieff introductory courses. It is part of the 3- years professional training program in Dance Movement Therapy, requiring a 1200-hours commitment in workshops, theoretical classes, exercise, practice, supervision and exams.

People attending only this workshop can improve their personal experience and their basic professional role. A professional qualification in Dmt and a technical learning of Dmt techniques require attending the complete 3-years professional training program.

  • 40 hours of training activities (practical session, theory classes and group work).
  • 8 hours of supervision for students of the professional training, submitted to an additional


DEC 2024 Tue 3 Wed 4 Thu 5 Fri 6 Sat 7 Sun 8
10-12 Intro Workshop Body work Body work Body work Body work Supervision
12-14 Workshop Workshop Workshop Workshop Workshop
15-17 Workshop Group work Workshop Workshop Group work Supervision
17-19 Theory Theory Theory Theory Conclusion

12-24 professionals / students in clinical, social, psychological, educational, artistic fields. Priority to the students of the Dmt-ER® professional training.


Basic English comprehension and speaking required. No previous specific study is required. References:

  • Bellia , Dragoni B. (2020) “Dynamics and Shapes of the Relationship”, in A Body Among Other Bodies (ed. V. Bellia), A&G Cuecm, Catania
  • Hackney (2002) Making Connections. Routledge, London / New York

Practical sessions at barefoot. Comfortable and light clothes recommended Participants are required to consent to the video-photographic shooting of the works No entrance allowed after the start of each unit (late admission only during the break)

Teachers’ Costs

2000 euro net of taxes plus travel, food and accommodation


Dec 03 - 08 2024


All Day
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