Our services

We offer the following services:

RITR offers its services to individuals and institutes regardless of whether they come from a mental health background. Our services cover the entire age spectrum: childhood, adolescence, adulthood and seniorhood, extending from Egypt to the world.

RITR’s services are divided into three main sectors: training, research and volunteering. 


Our services are provided through these units:


 RITR’s training is delivered in the form of workshops, courses and retreats that target the development of knowledge, attitudes and skills. We offer online, on-site and hybrid programs that include the different approaches of psychotherapy and related practices. Our training is offered in an individual or group format.


RITR aims at raising the profile of research work in fields related to healing, development and survival. We welcome Egyptian and international researchers and are keen to provide all possible services and assistance.


Our aspiration for a harmonious community necessitates the engagement of the innovative and energetic youth to simultaneously utilize their energy and evolve their skills.  These thoughts were the main drive behind Mostafa Khodabeya’s inspiration

RITR’s services cover the following:

Ongoing Services

  • Developing the standards of psychotherapy practice and research.
  • Holding training workshops and courses in the field of psychiatry, psychotherapy, individual, group and community mental health.
  • Conducting and publishing scientific research in the field of mental health and community psychology.
  • Organizing and participating in regional and international scientific conferences.
  • Establishing a network of relationships and enhancing the exchange of experiences between institutions in Egypt and the international community in order to further training and scientific research in the field.
  • Cooperating with the civil bodies and institutions working in the field locally and globally.

RITR’s services cover the following:

Ongoing Services

  • Holding cultural and scientific events to educate the mental health professionals and the public in the field of human and social development.
  • Training students and young mental health professionals, including nurses and social workers, to provide professional services of high quality that adhere to scientific and human values.
  • Creating opportunities to empower the students, young professionals and volunteers within the cultural, ethical and professional framework.
  • Providing a cultural and social hub for trainees of different ages and cultural and professional backgrounds.
  • Holding events to raise awareness and educate mental health clients and their families on preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative measures.
  • Organizing cultural and recreational retreats for both providers and recipients of mental health services.

Planned Services

  • Create and publish a scientific and intellectual database in training and research in psychotherapy and related practices.
  • Provide in-kind assistance to psychiatric units in public hospitals for their advancement.
  • Establish cultural and scientific libraries.
  • Document the 50 years of Y.T. Rakhawy psychotherapy school.
  • Translate Professor Y.T. Rakhawy’s works from Arabic to other languages.
  • Translate significant resources from different languages into Arabic.
  • Revive the Man and Evolution Journal
  • Issue a specialized journal with respect to up-to-date best practices in psychotherapy.
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