MEDIATING THE ENCOUNTER Rhythm, Materials and Play in Dance Movement Therapy

Conducted by
– Vincenzo Bellia
– Barbara Dragoni

The Relational-Expressive Dance Movement Therapy (Dmt-ER®) method is based on the therapeutic potential of interconnection. Body language allows people to connect with each other on a fundamental and deep level, the sensorimotor, from which the creative process springs as a powerful evolutionary and harmonizing factor.

This workshop will focus some fundamentals of Dmt-ER®:
a) rhythm as the main organizer of collective connection and psychophysical life,
b) materials, objects and props as mediators of relationship,
c) play as encouraging dynamic environment.
There will be practical sessions, theoretical classes, personal body work and group work.

The mornings of the three central days (30 September, 1 and 2 October) will be open to a larger group of participants and dedicated to practical and body work experiences.

The first, the last day and all the afternoons will be reserved for students attending the 3-years professional DMT training and will include theory and group work.
A supervision day as well will be reserved to the students of the professional training the 4 October.

This workshop is part of the 3-years professional training program in Dance Movement Therapy, requiring a 1200-hours commitment in workshops, theoretical classes, exercise, practice, supervision and exams.

People attending only this workshop can improve their personal experience and their basic professional role. A professional qualification in Dmt and a technical learning of Dmt techniques require attending the complete 3-years professional training program.

DMT Students:
40 hours of training activities (body work, practical session, theory classes and group work).
8 hours of supervision for students of the professional training, submitted to an additional fee.

DMT Students:
12 hours of experiential workshop

24 participants to the whole workshop
Open sessions (Sat/Sun/Mon mornings): max 30 participants
(DMT students included)

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Sep 29 2023 - Oct 04 2023


10:00 am - 7:00 pm


مؤسسة الرخاوى للتدريب والابحاث العلمية


مؤسسة الرخاوى للتدريب والابحاث العلمية
مؤسسة الرخاوى للتدريب والابحاث العلمية (24 شارع 18 المقطم متفرع من شارع 9 )
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