Schema Therapy for Cluster C Personality Disorder (PD) Break through extreme avoidance of feelings, build affect tolerance

Date: 19 October 2023
Time : 10:00 am – 4:00pm
Instructor: Guido Sijbers

Components in the course are:
Working with therapy phases for the treatment of these patients;
Establish and strategically use an idiosyncratic mode model/case conceptualization in treatment;
Learning to recognize and work with typical Cluster C modes;
Break through the avoidance;
Work with patient on motivation for change;
Learning to leave the responsibility for the change to the patient in good time;
Teach the patient to deal constructively with responsibility, guilt, loyalty and anger.

Schema therapy has been shown to be effective in treating borderline (BPD), narcissistic and antisocial personality disorders, and cluster C-PD.

Cluster C-PS are characterized by excessive anxiety, control, or inhibition. The symptoms result from a combination of genetic predisposition and environmental factors such as upbringing and events during growing up.
In particular, the rigid nature of this type of PD ultimately makes schema therapy more frustrating than expected.
Treating patients with cluster-C PD is just as complex as treating people with BPD. They have developed successful coping for a short time and often come to therapy to get rid of their condition, not their coping. The severity of Cluster C problems is often underestimated. There is often chronic depression, somatically insufficiently explained physical complaints and burnout. The course serves as a starting point for the 50 hour model developed and researched by Arnoud Arntz.

In the workshop, the Cluster-C mode model as well as mode-specific treatment strategies will be presented by means of lectures and work with cases by the participants and practiced by the participants in role play in guided small group work. Participants have the opportunity to bring their own cases and discuss related issues.

Schematherapy for Cluster-C personality disorders. Arnoud Arntz

Guido Sijbers is
a clinical psychologist/psychotherapist (Dutch BIG Registra- tion)
an advanced level CBT and schema therapist
a member of the Dutch Association of Schema Therapy and the ISST, both since it’s founding
Trainer/supervisor for Individual and Group Schema Therapy
He works with and trains Schema Therapy for over 18 years. He practices in an outpa- tient mental health care clinic in Maastricht (NL) and in a private praxis in Cologne (D). He is one of the founding members of

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Oct 19 2023


10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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