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The Research Unit at the Rakhawy Research and Training Center aims to make a contribution to the mental health field in Egypt through, not only delivering knowledge, but also facilitating its creation in the first place. It aims to empower mental health professionals through training them in research methods and, more importantly, ethical practices. This is achieved through training courses and workshops offered by research experts in the community. The Research Unit also contributes to the expansion of the local research production through the provision of consultations and research assistance to researchers in addition to the initiation of various research projects that tackle mental health issues in a culturally-sensitive manner. All educational, research and training activities are provided in accordance with professional ethical guidelines that protect all participants and beneficiaries.

The research unit is responsible for assisting in any scientific research chosen by the supervisor or the institution, either a new topic or unfinished research. In addition, the unit is responsible for compiling data, implementing ideas, and helping write different types of research needed by the institution. One of our responsibilities is to collect data throughout the project’s life cycle, evaluate that data, and publish the results to advance scholarly literature, support future research, and enhance decision-making.

Scientific Day

The Scientific day is a day when a group of researchers gather to present topics they have been passionate about in forms of posters. The aim of this day is to raise awareness about mental health research and its significance and to encourage young researchers to innovate.

Scientific events (seminars/webinars)

Scientific events is the meeting of a group of specialists in psychiatry and psychology through the Internet or in reality to discuss an important topic or an important issue by the specialists with the public, and the topic has a close relationship with the latest and most important topics in mental health and psychiatry


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